Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stop Commenting

If you cannot write an intelligent post, keep your comments to yourself. 

In the blogosphere, comments are visceral and reactionary instead of meaningful and thoughtful. Good writers put effort into their blog posts and should be rewarded with insightful responses. Instead, their work contends with lackluster statements of adoration, condemnation, and divagation. 

The term itself is a misnomer. In practice, commenting is more like consuming a four-course meal, chugging Colonblow, and refusing to leave the dinner table until after you've done your business.

Worse yet, commenters comment on comments, clouding the post's intended message with questions of sexual preference and allusions to Hitler. The banter grows longer than the actual post, nullifying any hint of utility. Or relevance, for that matter.*

But for you, dear reader, your comments are clearly half-hearted ploys intending to attract readers to a blog that you shouldn't have. 

We're calling you out.

Stop commenting.


*Which leads us to our next point: monitor your comments and get rid of the feature. Better still, stop blogging.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry could'nt help myself. Here I go into an extended waffle about what I think, firstly repeating what you have already said and then getting completely away from the point while trying to be clever enough to attract the attention of other readers to my pointless waste of time blog, whoops I did it again, repeating what you said, I mean, Oh and I forgot to quote "my favourite bit"